Principles & Philosophy

Our long-term goals are to maintain our leading position in the distribution of raw materials and the continuous development of our services, based on the operational principles and philosophy of our company, from 1924 until today.
Our basic principles have remained unchanged over decades and embody our compass for the future…

at each stage of our product delivery times (development, validation, commercial rationalization)


in providing optimal services and satisfying the needs of our partners


from our customers and suppliers, who can rely on our flexible service structure, regardless of their company size

Constant Research

for new solutions and innovative products that meet the growing needs in a changing and competitive industrial environment


which translates in maintaining partnerships over many decades and proves that we offer our partners the necessary guarantees to succeed in the fields of innovation and development


used for the benefit of our customers, through high quality products and/or after sales services in the perfume, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry


The excellent reputation, as preferred partners for perfume and pharmaceutical industries, is our driving force …

with leading raw materials suppliers

Many years of experience

based on decades of working at the top of our field, with partners from Greece as well as with leading suppliers abroad

Financial Stability

Throughout the Economic Crisis

Transparent Cooperation Relationships

with our partners, by sending detailed reports and more.

Excellent Knowledge

of the Market needs

Constant Monitoring

and improvement of our performance, through the Quality Management System we have developed

Technical Support

on a daily basis, through visits by our specialized staff to our customers' premises, depending on existing needs

Instant Response

(within 48 hours) to customer requests and commercial stock orders

Flexible Supply Procedure

through privately owned warehouses and transport vehicles

Close Collaboration

with Health Authorities about issues of current legislation and regulations



People, whether employees or partners (suppliers, clients) have always been the most important part of our company!

In terms of our staff, we focus on combining scientific knowledge with continuous updating on the latest developments (state-of-the-art) in the field while also providing continuous education through training seminars and exhibitions.

Our experienced staff consists of 21 people in total.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV to the following email: roum@roum.gr